11/22/63 by Stephen King

Meagan’s Pick:

(Simon & Schuster Canada, November 2011)

What would the world today be like if Lee Harvey Oswald hadn’t killed JKF? Would Vietnam happened? The race riots? Martin Luther King’s assassination? In Stephen King’s latest novel, he sends Jake Epping back to 1958 to try to stop the presidential assassination.

The size of the book is a little daunting at first (849 pages including the afterword), but is a very fast read. And it’s classic King- hidden monsters lurking just below the surface, fate trying to intervene. nods to past King novels (and the Dark Tower series!). The general plot of the book is a high school English teacher is sent back in time to 1958 to wait the nearly 5 years to stop the Kennedy assassination and his attempts to change the past (some purposeful, others accidental).

I’m a fairly big Stephen King fan, and I may be a little biased when it comes to some of his novels- but I think it’s safe to say after a few shaky last novels, King is back!

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