Man Seeks God: My Flirtations With the Divine by Eric Weiner

Glen’s Pick:

(Twelve, December 2011)

I was at first drawn to this title appreciating someone else trying to make sense of our remarkable and mysterious existence.

Wiener, of Jewish upbringing considers eight world faiths – notably Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Sufism (an offshoot of Islam), and Wicca plus a few other more obscure…

The book touches on some tenets of the differing faith systems and in this way is somewhat interesting.  However, the lack of depth of reflection and  comparative assessment is disappointing.

Weiner summarizes his worldview as a compilation of the many experiences he has undertaken to write his book.  Therein he articulates his ‘Universalistic’ approach to faith or religion – the idea that all religions have their like principals and are meritorious.

While not initially evident, the title accurately portrays Weiner’s lax philosophy to negotiating the myriad of belief systems around the globe.  He flirts with them but ultimately his intentions are not so serious.

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