Woefield Poultry Collective by Susan Juby

Agnes fiction pick.


This is the funniest book I have read in a long time. Loved it!

Prudence is a twenty-something New Yorker and failed author. She lives “green”, even down to worm composting in her apartment.She is at a crossroads in her life when she receives news that her long-lost uncle has died and left her his farm on the west coast of Canada.

Armed with only her enthusiasm and rather naive ideas of country living,  she sets out to live the farm life.

Woefield however is 30 acres of stones, where nothing has ever really grown and foreclosure is imminent.

Enter Juby’s cast of misfits who will help or hinder Prudence – Earl, who comes with the farm is older, gruff but has a big secret.  Seth is a twenty one year old alcoholic celebrity blogger, who has been a recluse in his Mom’s house since high school , due to an embarrassing incident with his drama teacher, and Sara, an eleven year old, whose parents are having marital problems which affects her health.  Only her chickens make her feel better.

None of these sound like fun, but in Juby’s hands, you will be sad for them one minute and laughing out loud the next.

There is also a wonderful supporting cast of rural dwellers, including a depressed, half – shorn sheep named Bertie and Alex Baldwin, the randy rooster.  If you’ve ever lived in the country you may even recognise some of them! (Not necessarily the animals….)

I found myself really cheering them all on, hoping that somehow they would overcomes their problems and make Woefield a success.

This blog really doesn’t do justice to the book – it is one I will read again. Out loud.  To anyone who is in the room.

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