Divergent by Veronica Roth

Meagan’s YA Pick:

(Kattherine Tegen, February 2012)

Remember the first time you read “The Hunger Games” and couldn’t put it down? Even in the sleep-deprived, caffeine-crashed state I was in when I started this novel I made it through about half of the 496 pages in one go.  “Divergent” is the first book in Roth’s dystopian YA series (the second title “Insurgent” will be published May 1st) where Chicago is divided into 5 factions with different value sets and roles in society. If you do not fit into your chosen faction, you are cast out into the Factionless who live in the slowly decaying slums and take on jobs no one else will do.

16-year old Beatrice Prior, the main character of the novel, chooses to join the Dauntless ranks and discovers there are many dark secrets behind the already fraying fabric that holds society together. “Divergent” is a fast-paced novel that offers many surprises to the reader and does not seem to stretch as long as the near 500 page count would at first lead you to believe. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has read and loved “The Hunger Games” or, like me, has a soft spot for dystopic fiction.

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