Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol

Meagan’s YA Pick:





(First Second, 2011)

I’ll admit it: I like graphic novels. “Anya’s Ghost” was one I picked up following a sessions at the recent MLA conference that I had the good fortune to attend. Anya is your typical teen girl- dealing with school, fitting in, appearance woes, crushes and family. Following a rather spectacular fall during a gym class, Anya storms home and suddenly finds herself at the bottom of a well with a skeleton and a ghost (this sequence contains one of my favorite panels of the book- “You sound like a hot chick! Are you a hot chick!?” “….So incredibly hot you can’t imagine…”).

The book does start like your typical feel good unlikely best friends novel, but takes a very dark turn in the last third of the book. The content is aimed at older teens as it touches on a few fairly mature subjects (no, the “graphic” part of the title doesn’t actually live up to its name in this case). The colors in the art of the novel don’t stray from the blue/ gray/ black shades seen on the cover which add to the gothic feel of the book, and the simplicity of the art works to convey the feelings of the characters instead of taking away from the overall experience of “Anya’s Ghost”. This was a quick read and very enjoyable. But- I love a good ghost story, and throw in some wonderful art? Bonus.

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