Burned by J.F. Lewis

Trent’s Fantasy Pick:




( Pocket Books, January 2012)


Once again, I seem to find myself drawn to a book that turns out to be in the middle of the series (And, it would seem, I have a knack for picking covers that show someone wielding a sword, hmmm).

 ANYWAYS, this book has something of a more darker theme to it (and no, that’s not just because of the vampire-based setting/story), again I note how descriptive this book can get. Not over the top excessive, but still a case of “more than I needed to know” at times in the books description of the setting/scene. And yet again, just like my last pick. This book did a good job of mixing in some interesting humor bits within the course of the story.

 One rather unique aspect (or at least unique to me) from this book was the idea of telling the story from multiple perspectives. And although it was unique to me. It was something of a detractor to me in how the story unfolded. Sure the perspective only changed at the start of a chapter. But sometimes it seemed so abrupt of a change that it took away from the story more than it helped it along.

 All in all I can’t judge the book to harshly. It was a pretty good story nonetheless, and with it being in mid-series. If I’d read some of the previous books, maybe I would’ve been used to this kind of flow for a story. Again, it was, all-in-all a pretty good book, and one that I probably could find myself eventually maybe continuing to read through the rest of the series.



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