Upside : surprising good news about the state of our world by Bradley Wright.

Glenn’s Non-Fiction Pick:

(Bethany House, 2011)

I find this author annoying. I mean, why doesn’t he get with the program and conclude that everything is going south … the economy, healthcare, governmental leadership, etc? Just who does he think he is anyway … a crusader for a new bright and shiny world? Enough already!

This book is jammed up with statistics. Usually I like that. You can get a lot of mileage out of a statistic… And Wright does … ad nauseam . The thing about statistics, is that they don’t always tell the whole story. I found myself thinking this over and over through much of the material presented. Ironically there is also a fair amount of discouraging information presented which doesn’t contribute very successfully to his thesis.

My take on this book is that it is mostly a plea to be more optimistic about our world despite the fact that we are inching toward the precipice of destruction (my words) Wright endeavors to re-frame bad news so that it sounds not so bad. “Don’t worry be happy” might be the tag-line. He is a positive spinner! That’s what I have trouble with … another one of those guys who work to reinvent truth. They’re everywhere these days so we must be careful lest we be pacified from venting our anger over the many problems that are before us and that will surely affect future generations.

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