The Hypnotist by Lars Keplar

Meagan’s Fiction Pick:

(McClelland & Stewart; First English Edition edition, July, 2011)

“Imagine Stieg Larsson on fast-forward”- probably the best way to describe Lars Keplar’s “The Hypnotist”.

I picked this up because a patron mentioned that she had enjoyed it, and I was looking for another book to take on vacation with me. While I enjoyed “The Hypnotist”- it was an exhausting read. Most chapters are maybe 10 pages long, third person narration switches between characters, and several events occurring at the same time would be described in sometimes concurrent chapters.

Erik Maria Bark and Joona Linna are the main characters of the novel, and events begin to unfurl quickly once Bark hypnotizes the sole survivor of a brutal homicide that nearly wiped out an entire family on the urgent request of Linna. In doing so, he has broken a promise he made years ago to never hypnotize anyone again and the two soon find themselves facing some sever consequences.

The plot took me far from where I expected, and moved at such a fast pace I found it hard to keep up. It was well written, and had the same darkness that you would find in Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium” series. I will admit, this wasn’t the best novel I’ve read in a while, but I wasn’t able to put it down because of the pace.

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