Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Romance pick by Tara

If you love vampires, werewolves and gods, Sherrilyn Kenyon is someone you need to start reading.

Her Dark Hunter series starts with the book Fantasy Lover which with it’s hot red cover caught my eye when it first came out and had me hooked right from the first page. I would highly recommend starting with the first book as characters show up throughout the entire series. As the years and the books have added up, she has divided the books into different series but I think it works best to go in the order they are published and combine the Dark Hunter, Were Hunter and Dream Hunters.

After reading 25 of her books in this series I still have my favourite, Night Play. There is just something about Bride McTerney that keeps me going back in my mind to this 7th book. She’s a curvy, fierce, independent woman who like most of us secretly craves that knight in shinning armour. But when she meets the man of her dreams he turns out to be covered in fur, not metal and comes with a pack of complications because of it.

Come meet Bride and her wolf Vane in Night Play as well as the legion of others in the Sherrilyn Kenyon books.

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