Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo

Meagan’s Fiction Pick:


(Minotaur Books, 2009)

I’ve been on a mystery/ suspense kick lately (with a little Lovecraft thrown in to mix it up) and this series was recommended to me by a patron in Dauphin. It was on the shelf, and I needed another book to take with me while on vacation so I grabbed it and am I glad I did!!

Police Chief Kate Burkholder has returned to her home town after nearly 14 years after she chose to leave the Amish faith following an unspeakable tragedy in her past. It was a decent job in a relatively quiet county until the body of a brutally murdered young woman is found that re-opens a cold case and nightmares from Kate’s past.

“Sworn to Silence” is the first in the series (currently there are 4 books total), and each one keeps getting better. I would strongly recommend Castillo’s series if you’re looking for a good mystery with an Amish twist (Castillo herself is from Amish country in Ohio).

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