Queen of Hearts by Martha Brooks

Tara’s Young Adult Fiction pick:

Queen of Hearts by Martha Brooks

The book, Queen of Hearts, is one of the top four picks of the Manitoba Book Club – On The Same Page.

This book club is a project of The Winnipeg Foundation and Winnipeg Public Library to encourage all Manitobans to read and talk about the same book at the same time. The books they select are all written by Manitobans.

My goal this year was to read the top four so I could vote for who I thought was best unlike past years where I voted on it based on what the back covers told me. Time seems to have run out, maybe next year I’ll get the top four read before the voting is done.

Queen of Hearts is a very short read. It is a young adult fiction but like many of those, it is suitable for any age.

It is 1941 and Canada is two years into World War II. This story centers around a very smart 15 year old girl, Marie-Claire Cote and her family. Tuberculosis is all over Manitoba and soon Marie-Claire’s family gets some first hand knowledge of just how devastating TB can be.

I personally knew nothing about the sanatoriums that TB patients went to in hopes of chasing the cure. I loved the knowledge I gained and I loved this book. I highly recommend it.

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