H.P. Lovecraft

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I’m going to cheat a little bit with this post, and instead of blogging about one book- I want to write about an author. October 31st is Halloween, and once Thanksgiving is past (for some of us Canadians, at least), thoughts turn to all things spooky. And who better to mark Halloween than one of the fathers of modern day horror, H.P. Lovecraft?
Lovecraft spun macabre tales of ancient Elder Gods who lived below the ocean or deep in the Earth, generations of families cursed, and power hungry individuals opening gates to other realities. The stories themselves are usually told in first person narration, and the main character is usually a first hand witness to the terror, or an instigator who is close to death, and wishes to confess his sins.

If you are a horror fan and have not yet read Lovecraft, I do have to ask- what are you waiting for? The library has collections of his short stories as well as a few graphic novel adaptations. And if you have read some Lovecraft- I suggest re-visiting an old friend in celebration of Halloween.

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  1. You decidedly put a new twist on a topic that’s been written about for years. Amazing stuff, just great! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think, thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner also.

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