Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Meagan’s Young Adult pick

(Doubleday Canada, June 2012)

Seraphina is a gifted musician with a life-threatening secret. She lives in a world where dragons and humans live side by side in an uneasy truce set 40 years ago, but each race usually regards the other as little more than a grotesque which needs eradicating. Romantic relationships between the two races are forbidden, and potential offspring from such a coupling is unheard of.

But not impossible.

Seraphina partners with Kiggs, the very perceptive Captain of the Guard to foil a plot to end the already shaky peace. Will Seraphina be able to keep her secrets from Kiggs long enough to save the peace treaty?
I really enjoyed this book- it was interesting, the characters were amazing, and Hartman kept me guessing until the end. “Seraphina” is shortlisted for the 2012 Governor General’s Children’s Text award, and in my opinion, has more than earned its spot on the list.

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