A Soldier’s Duty by Jean Johnson

Trent’s Fantasy pick:



(Ace, 2011)

Book 1 in the Theirs not to reason why series

Now this being the first book of the series I was unsure of what to expect going in, so I was, overall impressed with how the story flowed in this book. One aspect of this book that may make some people turn away instantly is the constant fast-forwarding of time from one chapter to the next. It’s only near the end of the book that the in-story time at the end of one chapter isn’t a number of years before the time at the beginning of the next chapter. But I digress, if you can handle it in the first few jumps, this book can be an enjoyable read.

After I had read a large portion of this story, I found myself starting to sympathize with the main character. Who, without giving away too much of the story, has precognitive abilities, and is using them to try and prevent the end of her home galaxy and others. Now this may seem like a high and mighty goal, but because of it, if she wants to avoid that future, she must make certain decisions at certain points in time. Which put her in some interesting situations (i.e. “surfing” on the roof of a hut in a monsoon, trying to stay alive).

Overall this book kept my interest throughout, so much so that I have actually started reading the second book An Officer’s Duty. If you’re looking for a new SF series, I’d recommend this one.

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