Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders by Neil Gaiman

Meagan’s Fiction pick:

Fragile things




(Avon, reprint edition, 2007)

I love short stories. Especially when they’re written by Neil Gaiman (or Stephen King… but that’s another post all together). Neil Gaiman has had a long and interesting career; publishing comics (The Sandman series), biographies (one on Douglas Adams), children’s books (Wolves in the Walls), children’s novels (Coraline), and adult novels (American Gods), and has proven that he is adept to all. In “Fragile Things”, re-introduces the reader to Shadow, the main character from “American Gods”, and gives a new Lovecraft-esc twist to Sherlock Holmes.  They’re short, creepy, and a lot of times unexpected- and sometimes resulted in an unexpected life of their own (curious? Do a little research on “Feeders and Eaters”).

To give you a bit of an idea of what you’re getting in to with “Fragile Things”, let me tell you a bit about my favorite story, “A Study in Emerald”. Take the intelligence and mystery of a classic Sherlock Holmes story- and then throw Cthulhu into the mix. It results in a vivid green, gore covered crime scene, the European aristocracy are now Elder Gods, and Holmes and Watson have sided completely with this new order that is pretty blatant about wanting to devour humanity…or have they?

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