Tricked by Kevin Hearne

Trent’s Fantasy pick:




(Del Ray, 2012)


Book 4 in the Iron Druid Chronicles series


Well, there goes my streak of first-in-series. Anyone that likes to read series books knows what I mean when I say I don’t really like jumping into the middle of a series. But if nothing else catches my eye, then that’s what I tend to do. I wasn’t sure what to expect of this book, but I was actually nicely surprised.


The main character (or actually characters), that you follow are a centuries old druid (well, duh!), his animal familiar, and his apprentice for the current time. I have to assume that the situation that arises at the beginning of the book comes from events in the previous titles. But he ends up asking a trickster God to help him deceive the gods of Asgard among others into thinking that he is dead, and in return he’ll do the trickster God a favor.


One thing I found nice about this book in particular is that you get to learn a few things about some of the cultures down in SW Arizona. And I also found it good to see a little backstory (not much, but it is there) on the druid’s past history. The backstory was nice in that it helped me to feel a better connection to him. Overall, this book honestly surpassed my expectations, and I was very pleased by that.

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