Guilty Wives by James Patterson

Linda’s fiction pick:

tumblr_m6wrsewuyz1qaouh8o1_400(Little, Brown and Company, 2012)

“Guilty Wives” is a book I chose because I wanted some light reading. However, I was surprised because this book was not “sappy” as a lot of his books are. The story is basically about four friends who go away together on a holiday and end up in prison. It is a story of adventure and deceit. While it is a work of fiction with danger lurking around every corner for the women, this book makes you wonder what life in prison is really like and to what ends inmates will pursue to prove their innocence.

Basically, it is fiction that makes you think about consequences. For me, it was truly a thought provoking book that I would gladly recommend to anyone looking for a good mystery, and even to those who have never read any of Patterson’s previous offerings.

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