Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

dad is fat a non-fiction pick by glenn
(Crown Archtype, 2013)

parenthood and comedy have a lot in common .. that is if you’re doing it right.
Jim Gaffigan is a seasoned stand up comedian, husband, and dad to five kids.

Gaffigan portrays an accurate picture of the wondrous and challenging parental experience.  He relates his own day to day adventures such as the unlikeliness of uninterrupted sleep, mealtime frustrations, exasperating vacation travel and birthday parties at 9am on Saturday to name only a few.  He speaks of the lessening of parental enthusiasm as more children are added; the first kids gets named after his grandfather …  the last after a sandwich.

“Dad is fat” so named by one of his children is a winner and sure to resonate with anyone who has found themselves thrust in the predicament of child care.  The book is absolutely entertaining and you are sure to find something to bring a smile and a chuckle.

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