All My Friends Are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman

Meagan’s Fiction pick:

superheroes (Coach House Books, 2013)

Tom has roughly 4 hours and 35 minutes left to convince his wife that he isn’t invisible.  If he can’t, the plane will land in Vancouver, and his wife, a superhero known as The Perfectionist, will get off the plane and make Vancouver perfect and forget about Tom.  About Tom’s invisibility? He’s only invisible to The Perfectionist; the result of a nasty trick played at their wedding reception by Perf’s ex boyfriend The Hypnotist.

“All My Friends Are Superheroes” is a very light, funny book (the 10th anniversary special boasts even more superheroes than the original publication!) that I would strongly recommend to anyone. There’s true love, laughs, and exposure to the no-so-gritty no-so-secret lives of the superheroes who call Toronto home.

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