Adventures with Ollie by Adrian Chamberlain


(Oolichan Books, 2012)

Reviewed by Glenn

Dog lovers will appreciate this new offering by Adrian Chamberlain.  Ollie is a dog – a Pug to be specific.  And his many and varied adventures are comprised in this short volume.  There are about 65 short 2 or 3 page chapters; just right for a little light reading before bed.

I found this book only by chance thinking it was a misplaced junior level item.  It has the look of a kid’s book with a representation of Ollie sitting on a scooter; don’t let that dissuade you.  And don’t worry if your breed is different; many of the stories are transferable to other canines.  Did I mention how funny this author is?  Here is a sample-

“Ollie the Pug enjoys anything with a strong smell.  And he’s crazy about anything remotely edible.  So a highly odiferous food like stinky fish is, for him, the equivalent of crack cocaine.”

I’m not condoning the use of crack cocaine by our blog subscribers although I’m sure a few of you are smoking up as you read this.  Anyway … this makes me laugh and I give a hearty recommendation.

Adrian Chamberlain is an award-winning arts writer for the Victoria Times Colonist, the daily newspaper in Victoria, B.C. Raised on Gabriola Island, he has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Victoria and a Master of Arts degree in journalism from the University of Victoria.  He has won three B.C. Newspaper Awards for arts writing.

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