A Heartbeat Away by Harry Kraus

Shirley’s fiction pick:

13356074 (David C. Cook, 2012)

Imagine getting a new heart and then having memories and flashes of another life…what is happening.

Tori Taylor is a no nonsense, hardnosed surgeon.  No one likes her and actually is afraid of her, but she is dying and needs a new heart in order to live.  She receives a heart and then she has flashes of another life, one that is troubled and possibly involves a murder.  As she begins to investigate what these memories mean she starts to receive threatening messages.

The author also introduces another couple that intertwines with the story, Christian and Emily.  The story does get a little confusing with the author going back and forth between Tori and then Christian and Emily, but in the end it all becomes clear and there is another surprise at the end of the story.

This is the first novel of Harry Kraus that I have read and I would read another one of his books.

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