Need by Carrie Jones

Tara’s Young Adult Fiction pick:

44738_640 (Bloomsbury Juvenile US, 2008)

Need by Carrie Jones

Zara White is an odd teenager that memorizes phobias and chants them to herself when she’s nervous. She thinks there’s some freaky guy stalking her. Her life hasn’t been great since her stepfather died and now her mom is shipping her off to Maine to live with her grandmother.

Will this plan help Zara stay sane? Does she have a stalker? Why does she keep seeing trails of gold dust? Things just don’t seem “normal” in this small Maine town. Is there more out there then what we see?

I quickly fell in love with this book Need and soon after finishing it devoured the next three books in the series. It grabbed me and I just can’t stop recommending it to both my teen readers, as this is a young adult read, and all of my adult friends. So far everyone has been as crazy for it as I was.

If you enjoyed The Hunger Games series you will likely enjoy this series by Carrie Jones. The four books are: Need, Captivate, Entice and Endure.

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