Exploits of a reluctant (but extremely goodlooking) hero by Maureen Fergus

A Junior Fiction pick by Jean-Louis

(Kids Can Press, 2007)

I have to admit that this book is a little off my usual reading path but I really enjoyed the trip. Our self-described hero (extremely goodlooking) is the centre of his own world and the author has fun taking us into the mind of a rather unique young teen.

Our hero is caught in that time of life when he knows himself to be endlessly charming and witty and is often stunned when the adults around him are less on-side. Oh those adults! With a recognizable setting on the streets of Winnipeg, the novel and its characters are also easy to relate to whether you are a young person or an adult reader.

The author, Maureen Fergus, admits to being the parent of teens and pre-teens and I think she gets this book just right. The book is told in short passages which highlight our hero’s many run-ins with his parents, teachers, adults, and people on the street. There is humour there, comedy, and even a little smidge of self-understanding.

We are hoping to have Maureen Fergus at the Dauphin Public Library this September to take part in our “Arts Alive” celebration during the national Culture Days events. Check out our event on the Culture Days site.

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