Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse by Alida Nugent

Meagan’s Non-Fiction pick:
itgetworse(Plume, May 2013)

This is a prime example of me picking up a book simply because I liked the title. “Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse” is an autobiographical look at the author’s life in the years since she graduated college and the rather nasty realization that real life isn’t easy. And you while you might stop doing keg stands, it doesn’t mean your attempts at a sophisticated gathering of like-minded, intelligent friends and acquaintances won’t dissolve into a tequila-shooting, strip poker-playing mess that the group vows to never speak of again.

Alida looks at topics such as body image issues, online dating fiascos, finances, moving back home after completing school while those pesky loan payments come due and having to re-enter the world of retail to make ends meet. The tone is fairly sarcastic, and a little bitter at times, but is hilarious and frighteningly close to the truth. Alida is blunt, curses a bit, and is fairly open with her alcohol consumption.

I will give you a hint through- if you know someone graduating university/ high school/ whatever- don’t let them see this until they’re at least 6 months out and done and trying to be a responsible and functioning adult.¬† Any other time will probably send them screaming back to the registers office to sign up for a few more classes just to stay in the bubble a little longer.

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