Falling Backwards by Jann Arden

Adult Non-Fiction pick by Tara


This book fell short for me. Maybe I was expecting too much or maybe it was that I wanted to know more about her adult life. She has an amazing sense of humour and I felt it just wasn’t present in very much of the book. However this was a book club pick and I was the only one (with the exception of our one person who never likes any of our books) that didn’t enjoy the book so it really might be me. I was surprised that there were people in our book club who had no idea who Jann Arden is and had never heard her music. These people really enjoyed the book and one even went out and bought a cd which we listened to during our discussion.  So even if you don’t know her you may still enjoy the book and learn a little more about a great Canadian.

This book is about Jann Arden’s life from childhood up until she produces her first album. She is able to recall great detail about parts of her life so is able to give you a great picture of how she grew up. She talks about her youth in Alberta, family members struggles with substance abuse and her own struggles as an adult in BC as she tries to figure out just who she is.

I think this book is worth the read even though I felt there was something missing from it. And if she ever writes a book about her life after that first album was produced, I’ll be the first one on the request list for it!

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