Fortunately, The Milk by Neil Gaiman

Meagan’s Junior Fiction Pick:

17349203(Middle Grade, September 2013)

This book is why I still kind of wish I’d get adopted by Neil Gaiman (or Stephen King, either or would work)- solely for the purpose of the stories! “Fortunately, The Milk” is a tale of a father left in charge of his two kids while his wife is off to a conference to present a paper on lizards, and is sent to the corner shop to buy milk for breakfast. Dad’s late in getting back, but has a perfectly good reason!

He was abducted by aliens. Who wanted to redecorate the world. And replace the Moon and all other major landmarks with giant decorative plates.

Then he was forced to walk the plank after he refused to become a pirate.

And rescued by a talking stegosaurus in a time-traveling hot air balloon.

Oh, and there’s also a mountain god, a giant emerald, a city of wumpires and a tribe of potential cannibals.

But- does he remember the milk? And not to buy the fat-free kind?


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