Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Meagan’s Fiction Pick:

Doctor_Sleep (Scribner, September 2013)

I need to make a quick note here- as King notes in the afterword- “Doctor Sleep” is the sequal to the novel “The Shining” and not Stanley Kubrick’s film.

Have you ever wondered what happened to Danny and Wendy Torrance after they survived the Outlook Hotel? How old would Danny be today? How did Jack’s alcoholism and abuse effect Danny as he grew up? And who are those people who can afford to cruise around America in those land boats that are RV’s? These were questions that King constantly had on his mind, too, and was finally able to put them to paper.

Dan Torrance is working in a hospice in rural American, helping people pass on to the next world, when he meets Arba Stone, a young girl with an even stronger Shining than Dan had as a child. However, Dan is not the only person who senses Arba’s abilities. A group known as the True Knot who travel the US in luxury RV’s feel Arba’s power and know she is the key to their survival. As Dan is drawn into the fight for Arba, he is also forced to confront his own demons, and the legacy left to him by his father.

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