To Walk the Night by E.S. Moore

Trent’s Fiction Pick:

to walk (Kensington, 2011)

(First Book in Kat Redding series)

 After a LONG hiatus, I’m back with some more reviews/suggestions. And this book resumes my streak of first-in-series books that I’ve read. This book is somewhat outside of my comfort zone (I don’t usually read books involving vampires, just never really could get into books of this sort before), but I think that this book may change my opinion of this sector of the genre.

 This series is basically (from what I can tell) vampire hunting with a twist. The main character seemed to me to be well written, and the supporting cast just as well. This book does have it’s fair share of action scenes in it as well.

 All in all, I wasn’t sure I’d like this book, but in the end I found it to be an enjoyable read. Readers of Hannah Jayne (Underworld Detection Agency series) or Richelle Mead (Dark Swan series) may also take a liking to this book/author as well.

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