The Racketeer by John Grisham


A legal-fiction review by glenn. 

Grisham must be doing okay.  With sales of over 250 million copies, I would think the economic downturn hasn’t hurt him much.  I wonder what he will do with the profits from this one?

Racketeer is another great offering.  It’s got the key elements to keep readers reading along –   suspense, action, excitement, anticipation …  After thirty-some novels I guess he’s got it figured out!  

What do a jailed lawyer, a dead federal judge, and a pile of gold wafers have in common?  They are key elements to this plot!  Lawyer Malcolm Bannister finds himself doing time for unknowly aiding an illegitimate business.  When opportunity comes his way he crafts a plan to secure his release from prison by tipping off the feds.  From here, the story twists and turns which helps keep the pages turning.  

I’m reading more books than watching movies these days; that’s not to brag.   I predict that Racketeer will find traction in Hollywood.  And, I think I might be willing to fork over a little of my own cash to see it … or maybe I’ll wait for the dvd … better yet borrow from the DPL! 

Bottom line – you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for an escape… 

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