Drunk Mom by Jowita Bydlowska

drunk mom

reviewed by glenn.

My Uncle Berle was an alcoholic.  When I was young I was not sure what to make of that.  In my mind he was a pretty cool.  I looked forward to visiting him and my aunt.  He took me fishing.  Let me ride with him in his work truck.  He had a way of making me smile on the inside.  But those days are over…  He didn’t last long after my aunt died.  There was no one to take good care of him and the alcoholism took him away.

Perhaps “Drunk Mom” captured my attention on account of this.  It’s a memoir of a woman addicted to alcohol.  I’ve been told that my aunt struggled tremendously coping with this problem.  This book I think helps shed light on the pattern of self-abuse that is common to alcoholics or substance abusers –  the belief that they can overcome this problem on their own … the slippery slope of rationalization … the lying and denial.  It also reveals the pain that relatives and friends must endure.

I suspect this book must be part of a therapeutic process for the author; she reveals all.  I appreciate the candor; most would.  Her voice is genuine, authentic, and insightful.  Motherhood is demanding enough but to attempt to manage addiction in addition is almost unbelievable.

Jowita Bydlowska was born in Warsaw, Poland, and moved to Woodstock, Ontario as a teenager.  She writes a popular parenting blog and her work has appeared in an assortment of magazines, newspapers and online publications.  She lives in Toronto with her son and his father.

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