Vicious Moon by Lee Roland

Trent’s Pick

Vicious(Third book in the Earth Witches series)

OK, I kinda surprised myself by reading this book. I say surprised because it would seem that this book is the last of the series. Although how it ends leaves the door open to continue it.

This book (along with the others in the series) is primarily fantasy-based. And there is a mix of romance thrown in as well. I’m not saying this detracts from the series but, I feel it could have done without.

Once again, there is return appearance by some characters from the previous books. Mostly cameo appearances, but there are some that would probably be considered mainstays throughout.

Overall, I did enjoy this book, not as much as the first two. But it did keep me interested to the end. I just felt that there was something missing from this book to make it as good as the others. I just don’t think I could put my finger on what exactly was missing.

For a similar reading experience I probably would point towards Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series of books.

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