Philomena / Martin Sixsmith

Linda’s Non-Fiction Pick

philo(Pan Books, 2013)
This is the story of a young pregnant teenager, Philomena Lee, who has her baby son in an Irish convent. There, she befriends another girl who has a baby daughter. The children become inseparable and are eventually adopted by an American couple. The two young mothers are forced to sign a document promising never to attempt to find their children.

The children strive to fit into their new family, but always wonder about their real mothers and grow up with feelings of inadequacy and a lack of love. The boy (now renamed) grows up to become a lawyer and his sister marries.

He travels twice to Ireland to find his mother but can find no answers.

This is truly a heart-wrenching story about a 50 year search to connect a mother and her son. I don’t normally read biographies, but this was a riveting read and I now can’t wait to see the movie.

(Spoiler alert – don’t look at the photographs in the book before reading it!)

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