Lies you wanted to hear / James Thomson

Sourcebooks Landmark, 2013

reviewed by Glenn

Our “New Books” display is overflowing as of late .. more books than readers..  I did my part by grabbing “Lies you wanted to hear” by James Thomson.  This is his first novel.  Thomson is a gifted writer who masterfully reveals truth through story.   The three main characters are Matt-  a police officer slash security provider, Lucy- the femme fatale, and Griffin- Lucy’s ex.  Matt and Lucy are a couple and have two children together.  Despite this, Griffin makes a reappearance into Lucy’s life and desire overtakes her.  Matt returns home unexpectantly one day and the stuff hits the fan.  Separation ensues and later, emotional torment caused by the abduction of the childen must be endured.  The novel ends in a satisfying way when the children find reconciliation.  The detail is what makes the book and I’m leaving that out deliberately so not to ruin it for you.  Thomson does a superb job of revealing the thoughts and emotions of a family torn apart by infidelity.  Jodi Picoult’s praise and endorsement is well-deserved.  Note that the language may be offensive to some.

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