What color is Monday? : how autism changed one family for the better

What Color is Monday? How Autism Changed One Family for the Better

2013, Riddle Brook Publishing

Shirley’s adult non-fiction pick.

I chose this book for two reasons, the front cover was interesting and this subject interests me as I have a niece on the spectrum (although the spectrum is very “wide”).

This story is about the Cariello family and their son Jack.  They have five children and find out Jack, the second son, has autism.  After reading this book, I can now see (a little bit, a very little bit) of the challenges that families have when raising a child who is “different”, although they are not different.  They are still children who need to be loved and nurtured.

This read was very insightful and funny at times.  It is also very interesting to see (or read) how the other children in the family react to Jack’s behavior.  How they look out for Jack, calming him down, turning him away from a situation that could get out of hand and just playing with him.

A very interesting, fast read.

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