The lemon orchard by Luanne Rice

(New York, Viking, 2013)

Fiction pick by Shirley

Book Jacket


Luanne Rice is such a good writer and I was not disappointed with this book. Her books captivate you into her story and makes you want to keep on reading.

This story is about a woman named Julia who goes thru a terrible loss and “runs away” to California to find answers. Staying at her aunt and uncle’s Malibu house she comes across a man tending the orchards named Roberto. He too is recovering from a loss and as Julia gets closer to him he reveals what he has lost.

As Julia digs deeper into Roberto’s loss and tries to find answers, they fall in love. Will Julia uncover what Roberto has lost? Does their relationship go deeper? The ending is bittersweet and I don’t want to give it away.

Luanne Rice has written over thirty novels (I don’t think I have read them all) but I have read a good number of them and as I said earlier they are captivating. An easy read and transforms you into the places of the story.

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