Dude, Where’s My Stethoscope? and other stories from the ER  by Donovan Gray, M.D.

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 Non- Fiction pick by Tara

Dude, Where’s My Stethoscope? is a delightful, vivid and eclectic collection of true-life medical short stories. The adventure begins during the authors formative years in medical school and takes the reader through two decades of thought-provoking rural and urban-based ER and family practice experiences. Humorously written in an engaging mash up of formal prose and informal medical slang with a nod to pop culture and ancient mythology. Dude is a powerful book that is certain to please readers of all stripes.

What can I say about this book? Actually too much. I could go on and on. Here are a couple excerpts from the book.

Funny, but I can’t seem to recall anyone mentioning this aspect of medicine during the Career Week lectures I attended in Grade 12. Stimulating work, saving lives, good pay: yes. Mangled drunks hurling on your shoes: no. Perhaps I nodded off during that part of the presentation.

Dr. Gray “I’m Dr. Gray. How can I help you?”Patient 7 “I’m here in Canada on vacation and I’ve run out of my pills. Can I get some refills?”Dr. G “Sure. What medications do you take?” P7 “I don’t know the names.” Dr. G “Did you bring your bottles with you?” P7 “No, but I can tell you what they look like. There’s four white ones, a pink one and a wee little yellow one.”

I really loved this book and it will be one that I will read again and again. The stories are short so you can grab a quick read while sitting in the doctors office waiting room or half time during a soccer game. Our book club spoke with him through Skype and we really enjoyed that however I still have a list of questions and comments for Donovan Gray. I look forward to future books of his and thank you, for the view into your world Dr. Gray.

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