The immune system recovery plan by Susan Blum, MD

As reviewed by Glenn

FireShot Screen Capture #134 - 'The Immune System Recovery Plan_ A Doctor's 4-Step Program to Treat Autoimmune Disease_ M_D_ Susan Blum MD MPH, M_D_ Mark Hyman, Michele Bender_ 9781451694970_ Books - Amazon_ca' -(Scribner, 2013)

Now that flu season is upon us, having a strong immune system is in everyone’s best interest.

Even if you don’t struggle with autoimmune problems there numerous proactive suggestions for promoting health.

There has been an explosion in immune system disorders in recent decades.  The ‘Immune system recovery plan” speaks to this by implicating our food supply as a major contributor to the problem.

Our population more than ever struggles with weight gain.  Quick processed foods which are so abundant are a factor.  These foods are readily converted to sugar and “stored” by the body.  The downside is that many of us have too much of this storage!

Blum guides us towards eating whole foods which are better utilized by the body.  They don’t overwhelm our liver & kidney functions and give us a chance at better health.

Many self assessments are provided in the book to help us evaluate where our health is currently at and how we might improve it.  And she also provides many recipes for a practical hands on approach to taking a step in the right direction.

I found this to be a very inspiration book, one that I will refer to again.  Borrow it for free at your local library!  The rest is up to you.  No one will safeguard your health more so than yourself.

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