The room by Jonas Karlsson

The Room  A Novel eBook  Jonas Karlsson  Books(Hogarth, 2015)

Bjorn is perceived as a bit of a nut case by his co-workers. Things must conform to his liking otherwise he is unsatisfied.  The overflowing papers from his neighbours desk onto his own desk are a problem. He sees his supervisor as someone with not near the competence as he has. Then there is the secret “room” where he often retreats to get his work done. Thing is, there is not actually a room . Again his co-workers papers migrate onto his desk. This time he assumes it’s work that he should do. He covertly submits the report into his supervisors inbox. His proposals gain the attention of the upstairs administrators and are seen as a blueprint for the company’s recovery plan. When it comes to light that these were Bjorn’s ideas he regains some long sought credibility.

I very much enjoyed this offering. The perspective of a paranoid delusional makes this work unique.  Maybe I’ve spoiled it a bit, but the details make this a fun one. 4/5 stars

glenn @ DPL

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