The guy who pumps your gas hates you by Sean Trinder

The Guy Who Pumps Your Gas Hates You (Nunatak First Fiction) eBook- Sean Trinder- Kindle Store 2015-06-06 15-43-15(Newest Press, 2015)

a review by Glenn –

It’s a well chosen title and cover and probably the foremost reason I opened the book in the first place.  The mini-review on the front face also won me over “Sean Trinder writes so well I want to punch him in the face!”  I likely wouldn’t do the same but I guess it would depend on the day…

The story follows the life of a Brendan, a young man from Winnipeg who has worked probably a little too long as a gas jockey.  He lives at home with is dad in a often strained relationship.  His passion is writing and he takes a weekly writing class at the university where he gets to practice the craft.  It’s here he meets a slightly older woman who garners his attention and encourages him…

The humour is quite good.  Several of the pump station situations are laughable.  Anyone who has worked in the service industry will understand there is no end to the strangeness that is possible when it comes to people.  This is a good thing so long as it’s taken in stride.  Those moments break the tedium of day to day routines.

This is Trinder’s first novel.  He grew up in a small town called Oakbank, located just outside of his current home of Winnipeg, Manitoba. A graduate of Red River College’s Creative Communications program, he has worked as a news cameraman, an electrician’s apprentice, and, yes, a gas station attendant.

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