Joshua Slocum: The Captain who Sailed Around the World by Quentin Casey

Joshua Slocum cover(Nimbus Publishing, 2014)

If you like biographies, you might enjoy ‘Joshua Slocum: the captain who sailed around the world” by Quentin Casey. It’s a junior level book but very informative and a well written account of an adventurer from Nova Scotia. He was 16 when he left home and embarked upon his career sailing at sea. As his skills increased so did his responsibilities, eventually serving as captain of the Northern Light – a 220 foot vessel. Unfortunately his fortunes would later turn and he had difficulty securing work. It was at this point that he found determination to sail around the world alone. This amazing feat was recognized but not as a greatly as he had hoped. That would take time … more than he had. He disappeared at sea in 1909 at the age of 65.

This book is one of six from the “Stories of our past” series.

reviewed by Glenn

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