House of Cash: the legacies of my father, Johnny Cash by John Carter Cash

House of Cash- The Legacies of my Father, Johnny Cash- John Carter Cash- 9781608870288- Books - 2015-07-13 19-24-27(insight Editions, 2015 reprint)

A non-fiction pick by Glenn

There are no shortage of books written about Johnny Cash.  What makes this one stand out is its author – his son, John Carter.  As you can expect, there are stories here of a more intimate nature than usual.  John Carter is a product of his father’s second marriage to June Carter.  He talks about early memories as a child, life lessons that his father imparted.  He speaks about how his father’s drug addiction became a major concern in the 1960’s.  On the lighter side, many of his dad’s domestic interests are talked about – art appreciation, cooking, photography, and fishing – including a fishing adventure that could have ended badly.  There is a nice section of photos included – mostly of the family, and also a section of reflections from some of the family and friends.  John Carter has also written a memoir about his mother ‘Anchored in love : an intimate portrait of June Carter Cash’ also recommended.

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