A man called Ove by Fredrik Backman

ove(Sceptre, 2014)

A fiction pick from glenn.

Working at the circulation desk every day gives special insight into what people are reading.  This of course is a protected privilege.  Some books remain on the shelves for years without being opened.  Other books get caught up in the zeitgeist of the moment and remain in demand for a season.  “A man called Ove” has managed to find itself in the later category and for good reason.

The story follows the life of a rather irritable older man named Ove.  His wife knows how unsociable he is but he has a special place in her heart.  By many he is seen as simply miserable and one to avoid and for the most part, he is comfortable with this solitude.  Despite being set in his ways, a day comes when a neighbor – a younger pregnant woman mobilizes his life..

The story is humorous, captivating, troubling at times, and ultimately touching.  Perhaps you know someone just like this.  The lessons learned are not to judge a man’s heart (or woman’s) and not to underestimate to power of doing the right thing when you are called to do so.

I feel confident stating that this is one of the best books I’ve ever read and can’t emphasize enough that you should put it on your reading list.  Five out of five stars for this one.

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