The way back from broken by Amber Keyser

keyser (Lerner Publ, 2015)

A young adult fiction pick from Glenn.

I’ve enjoyed canoeing and kayaking since an early age.  Though I don’t have the stamina (or is it will) to undertake a portage trip like I did in my late teens, the thrill of paddling around a lake still resonates with me strongly.  The cover of Amber Keyser’s first novel drew me in.  Pictured is a beautifully crafted cedar strip canoe.  “The way back from broken”  is not just a canoe adventure, it’s also an exploration through grief and loss.  Who of us who are older haven’t had to negotiate these waters?   Life after all ceases at some point.  The last thing Rakmen wants to do is spend his summer in the Canadian wilderness. Circumstances decide otherwise however.  He finds himself tethered to family friend Leah and her daughter who have also recently experienced death in their family with the idea to get away from it all in order to process their struggles.  Little do they know that further trials including a back country accident is what will help them truly see the brevity of life and what will clarify what really matters most.

Amber J. Keyser is a former ballerina and evolutionary biologist.  She lives on the dry side of Oregon with her husband, two kids, and a dog named Gilda.

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