CREEP CON by Kim Firmston

YA pick by Tara

Mariam and her mom have just moved to the big city of Calgary, AB and she is worried about not fitting in. Luckily on her first day at school she meets a girl, Tya, who loves Doctor Who just like her, unfortunately she doesn’t have any of the other same interests. Mariam loves comic book super heroes and Tya is into anime and manga – two totally different worlds. Tya introduces Mariam to the world of manga and convinces her to go to Otafest and engage in cosplay. It should be a good time but some people take the role playing too far and Mariam finds herself in trouble.

I really enjoyed this YA book but have to admit that I had to look a few things up to know what they were talking about. I do love my DC and Marvel comic book heroes but when it comes to anime and manga I’m out of my element. I think even if you aren’t into comics or manga you can still enjoy this book. It’s a very easy read but deals with some important issues about sexual assault, no meaning no and the wondering if you did something to cause this.


  • Anime – a style of Japanese film and television
  • Manga – a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels (we have these in the library)
  • Otafest – is an annual Japanese Animation Convention held in Calgary, AB
  • Cosplay – the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, comic or video game

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