Kingdom of the unjust: Behind the U.S – Saudi connection by Medea Benjamin

kingdom of the unjust2

O/R Books, 2016

If you are an armchair activist you may be interested in Medea Benjamin’s latest book – Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the U.S. Saudi connection.  In it she tackles the many inconsistencies in U.S. / Saudi foreign policy.  Saudi Arabia has one of worst track records for human rights abuses in the world – restricting freedom of speech and assembly, treating women as second class citizens, imprisoning dissidents, torture, and executing people for non-violent offences.  Despite this the dynasty enjoys rather comfortable relations with the United States.  This is surprising as other countries with lesser offenses are quickly called out for human rights issues.  Not surprisingly, politics are at the heart of this toxic relationship and this due to a number of different factors- oil contracts and massive military transactions between the two countries being the major contributors.  Read what this author has to share about the topic; it will definitely cause you reflect upon our mixed up world.

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