The great alone by Kristin Hannah

A fiction pick by Shirley

St. Martin’s Press, 2018

Another great read by Kristin Hannah. She does know how to weave a storyline that keeps you wanting to read more and more.

This story is about the Allbright family, a thirteen year old teenager named Leni and her parents (Ernt and Cora). Her father was in the Vietnam war and came back a different person, a violent person. They never really fit in anywhere and an opportunity comes up where the father decides to move them to Alaska.

Leni and her mother Cora fit in quite well but her father Ernt is a loose cannon. Leni meets a boy named Matthew Walker and they fall in love but have to keep it a secret from her father as Ernt doesn’t like the Walkers. Leni and her mother are forever walking on egg shells around her father’s temper and it does explode!  Ernt and Cora have the greatest love, but how far does their love go and to what extent.

Kristin Hannah tells of the beauty of Alaska and of the harsh winters that can occur. You can feel and visualize the terrain and see the beauty from Hannah’s tale.

I don’t want to tell anymore as then I will give away the story and it is just too good of a read to ruin it for others.

Pick up any Kristin Hannah book and you will not be disappointed.

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