Watcher In the Woods by Kelley Armstrong

Doubleday, 2019

A fiction pick by Tara

Rockton is a secret town in the Yukon where the residents are victims fleeing society. Unfortunately at times the council that controls who is eligible to enter Rockton allow criminals to purchase a spot. This can cause a lot of work for their sheriff, Eric Dalton and is the reason they had to bring in a homicide detective, Casey Duncan. This is book 4 in the series.

This time a US Marshal shows up demanding they turn over one of the residents but won’t say who. Soon things get out of control as he starts trying to locate his prey on his own in this very secretive community.

I love, love, love this series by Kelley Armstrong. If you haven’t tried it out I highly recommend it but please start with the first book in the series “City of the Lost.” This is one of my favorite series to share with people so there is a chance that it might already be out to someone but please be patient and start with the first one. I have totally fallen for this unique community and all of its residents. I devoured this book up to the last 50 or so pages and then I didn’t want it to end so hesitated a few days before I finally caved and finished it off. Part of my delaying tactic was actually writing this blog. I hope you give this Canadian author a try and specifically the Rockton series.

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